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Daly City

The Daly City educational community includes approximately 100,000 residents and 6,000 students with wide socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural diversity. The community is committed to meeting students where they are and valuing inclusion, integration, and innovation.

Inspiring Summers Registratation


Jefferson Elementary School District


Susan B. Anthony Elementary School
Daniel Webster Elementary School


June 17 – July 19


Rising K — Rising 3

Program Manager

 Jennifer Larocque
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Vacation Days

June 19 & July 4-5

Inspiring Summers Registration is now closed

Our community is better off, with improved preschool and summer offerings supporting young learners, because of our Big Lift involvement.

Bernie Vidales, Superintendent, Jefferson Elementary School District

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Success Story

Big Lift Agencies Partner to Create Dynamic & Inspiring Fairy Tale Engineering Programing!

Bay Area Discovery Museum and San Mateo County Libraries created engaging STEAM curriculum utilizing the “Think, Make, and Try” construction process used by Daly City The Big Lift programs. Daily during Fairy Tale Engineering Week scholars listened to a fairy tale then used the “Think, Make, and Try” strategy to engineer solutions to help the fairy tale characters. For example, kindergarteners designed “wolf-proof” baskets so Little Red Riding Hood could make it to Grandmother’s house. First graders used design skills to help the Gingerbread Man safely cross the river. Second graders designed a new Baby Bear chair and created a door latch to keep Goldilocks out.

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Community Impact Report

This 2019 Daly City Inspiring Summers report presents the inspiring outcomes of this holistic learning experience blending academics with enrichment, social-emotional skill development, and community engagement.

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The Big Lift initiative is led by San Mateo County, San Mateo County Libraries, and San Mateo County Office of Education with the aim of increasing third grade reading proficiency in San Mateo County through evidenced-based strategies and collaboration with community stakeholders.


San Mateo County, CA